Our services

Guichet Mobile offers you a range of services to facilitate your commutes and business travels. Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with information and services according to your needs.


Join our carpooling community and become a driver or a passenger.Thanks to a special software which connects people, Guichet Mobile selects carpooler for you according to your requirements.
Sign up by telephone or online.


Transports publics

Save time and work or relax while you travel. Whether you travel by train, by bus or by boat, Guichet Mobile advises you on the best pass suited to your needs and looks after ordering and renewing your pass right up to delivery.


Bike Sharing Program

Benefit from attractive prices when you rent a mechanical or an electric bike from a network of 13 PubliBike stations in the Nyon area.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


Personalized advice

Guichet Mobile advises you on the most adapted method of transportation for your needs. We take travel time, costs and CO2 emissions into account to provide you with the best alternatives.



Try a new mode of transportation and adopt it. During the year we organize a number of events, which include competitions and other challenges, to reach out to our people. Defend your company’s colours!