Mobility and access to La Vuarpillière

To access the Vuarpillière area, you can take the NStCM train which runs every 15 minutes during rush hour in the morning and in the evening between the Nyon train station and the Vuarpillière stop. The train also connects the municipalities between Saint-Cergue and Trélex to or from La Vuarpillière stop.

The trip from Nyon train station by bike will take you around 20 minutes. The district public transport network offers 9 urban and regional bus lines, as well as a bike-sharing network allowing easy access to Nyon train station. A direct cross-border bus line also connects Gex and Divonne to Nyon train station.

Public transport network plan

Take a look at the transport network map which brings together the district’s mobility options:

NStCM from Nyon train station

  • NStCM, direction La Cure to Nyon, La Vuarpillière stop

You can buy your NStCM train ticket by SMS

Regional and urban bus lines

  • Consult our regional and urban transport network map which includes all TPN and CarPostal lines in the Nyon district, as well as the two ABG cross-border bus lines.

CGN boat

To reach Nyon train station: CGN N3 line from Yvoire, then take a bike from the PubliBike port station or on foot (10 minutes).

PubliBike bikesharing network

The Nyon region network has a total of 35 stations which allow you to easily reach Nyon train station.

La Vuarpillière car park

Companies participating in La Vuarpillière inter-company mobility plan, might be eligible for parking badges. For more information, contact your company mobility representative or Mobilidée, who is in charge of these requests.