Mobility and access to A-One

A-One business park is a 5-minute bus ride from the Rolle train station. You can take the urban bus line 841, as well as the regional bus line 835 which run every 30 minutes during peak hours in the morning and in the evening between Rolle train station and La Piece bus stop.

The trip from Rolle train station will take you around 10 minutes by bike. The public transport network in the district offers 9 urban and regional bus lines, as well as a bike-sharing network allowing easy access to both Rolle station and A-One.

Public transport network plan

Take a look at the transport network map which brings together the district’s mobility options:

Regional and urban bus lines

  • 835 CarPostal line from Rolle, Gare Nord to La Piece-Etraz stop
  • 841 GBR line from Rolle, Gare Nord to La Piece stop
  • 842 GBR Le Vernay line, from La Piece-Etraz stop to Rolle, Gare Nord
  • Consult our public transport network map for an overview of regional and urban lines

Bike access / bike-sharing network

  • 10 minutes from Rolle train station, via the Route des Quatre-communes which includes a cycle path
  • A PubliBike station is located in downtown Rolle (Rolle, Château), and another on the A-One site (Rolle, by A-One)
  • The Région de Nyon network has a total of 25 PubliBike stations, allowing you to easily reach the A-One business park
  • See all PubliBike stations