MouV , the new feature on our Guichet Mobile app, allows you to cumulate points for any trip you take on foot or by bike. This free feature, available all year round, allows you to enhance your practice of walking and cycling, during your daily life and your leisure activities.

You get points for each km and trip tracked : points allow you to win prizes in monthly raffles and during specific campaigns.

Take part in MouV

Take advantage of the MouV feature available on the Guichet Mobile app.

How to participate

To access the active mobility challenge, you must download the Guichet Mobile app and create an account. Then activate the “start” button in the MouV section when you start your journey, and deactivate it at the end. Your points will be updated after each course and the total will be displayed on your profile. In the corresponding tab, and depending on the campaign in which you participate, you can also see your ranking compared to other participants.

For further information on the MouV feature, see our FAQ as well as the Terms of use.

Get rewards

Each month, a drawing is held among active people who have reached a certain number of points. During specific campaigns (inter-company, inter-municipal challenges, bike rally, etc.), additional prizes are offered to reward those who have travelled the most.

This action encouraging active mobility is supported by the Canton of Vaud and public transport companies as part of the active mobility incentives framework. The Guichet Mobile app is a pilot project that was launched in September 2021 and brings together 26 partner municipalities in 2023.

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