Business Park Terre Bonne, Eysins

Terre Bonne Business Park in Eysins hosts many national and international companies. This growth has been extremely beneficial for the municipality of Eysins and the Nyon district, but it requires specific measures to meet the needs in terms of commuting, accessibility or even parking spaces management.

Since 2016, Guichet Mobile has been active at Terre Bonne by organizing meetings with company mobility representatives, as well as events and stands promoting mobility and increasing awareness amongst the employees.


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Mobility on site

Terre Bonne Business Park is in Nyon outskirts and is accessible by public transport or by bike from Nyon train station. Several bus lines serve the business park. It is also possible to use the bike-sharing network to access Terre Bonne. Take a look at the specific page for all the information regarding access to Terre Bonne.

Mobility Representative Committee

Région de Nyon is in contact with the companies, each of which designates an active representative within the site mobility group. A meeting of the Mobility Representative Committee, led by Région de Nyon, takes place twice a year to deal with aspects related to the site’s mobility. Guichet Mobile contacts representatives by e-mail regularly to share all news regarding mobility.

On-site events

Région de Nyon organizes mobility challenges via the Guichet Mobile service. It also proposes offers to promote the use of public transport and soft mobility. Approximately every two months, employees can find out more about these offers and benefit from advice at the Guichet Mobile stand, which is held during the lunch break at The Kitchen restaurant. It is also an opportunity to share their questions and remarks regarding their commuting, travel passes, infrastructure and others.