Mobility and access to Les Avouillons

Les Avouillons area is accessible within a few minutes on foot from Gland train station. There is also a bike-sharing station nearby. Mobility carsharing service is also available. An urban bus line serves the station every 30 minutes from the north or south of the town. In addition, 4 regional bus lines serve Gland station, connecting the RE trains to Geneva and Lausanne.

The district public transport network offers 9 urban and regional bus lines, as well as a bike-sharing network allowing easy access to Gland station.

Public transport network plan

Take a look at the transport network map which brings together the district’s mobility options:

Regional and urban bus lines

  • Urban line TUG 831 running from north to south of Gland, passing by the train station
  • CarPostal line 830 from Bassins, via Burtigny-Begnins to Gland, gare nord stop
  • CarPostal line 835 from Rolle, via Gilly to Gland, gare sud stop
  • CarPostal line 836 from Rolle, via Bursinel-Dully to Gland, gare sud stop
  • Consult our public transport network map for an overview of regional and urban lines

PubliBike bikesharing network

  • Two PubliBike bike-sharing stations are located at Gland station (Gare de Gland, sud station), as well as at Swissquote headquarters (Gland, Swissquote). 6 additional stations are available in the town
  • The Nyon region network has a total of 25 stations which allow you to easily reach Gland.
  • See all PubliBike stations


  • 1 vehicle at the train station (Gland Gare)
  • 2 vehicles at avenue du Mont-Blanc (Gland SEIC)
  • See all Mobility stations