Guichet Mobile services

The Guichet Mobile offers various mobility services to employees of companies located in the eight partner municipalities (Nyon, Gland, Rolle, Eysins, Coppet, Founex, Mies, Chavannes-de-Bogis).

It also relays information and offers from Région de Nyon and public transport partners regarding mobility.

Discover the app

Organize your commuting and carpooling trips using the Guichet Mobile app and access attractive mobility offers!


  • Public transport: whether by train, bus or boat, the Guichet Mobile will provide you with information on the type of travelcard that best suits your needs
  • Carpooling: thanks to our new app, create a carpool team or join an existing one
  • Bike-sharing: benefit from the district network which will be extended to 50 stations by the end of 2022
  • Advice and events: contact the Guichet Mobile for your questions regarding mobility and take part in the challenges, competitions and activities offered several times a year.

Guichet Mobile Application

Using our new app, you will have access to exclusive information and offers concerning mobility in the district, to transport recommendations (including carpooling) according to your place of departure and arrival or to a Messaging service allowing you obtain mobility advice via the Guichet Mobile. You will find out about your savings in CO2, CHF and the time you spend every day on the move.