Guichet Mobile App

The Guichet Mobile application is proposed by Région de Nyon and addressed to commuters working or living in one of the eight municipalities participating in this pilot project: Nyon, Rolle, Gland, Eysins, Coppet, Mies, Founex or Chavannes-de-Bogis. If you are one of them, you can use the app to organize your commutes!

The application has been developed with the support of the above municipalities, the Canton of Vaud and the public transport companies. It can be downloaded free of charge using the links below.

Discover it!

The app can be downloaded for free using the following links:


  • Take advantage of the transport recommendations according to your point of departure and arrival (bikes included)
  • Organize your carpooling trips by creating a team or joining an existing one
  • Have access to interesting information and offers related to mobility in the district
  • Discover your savings in CO2 and CHF compared to the private car (single occupancy vehicle) and your activity time per day
  • Take on personal mobility challenges


Check the explanations and answers to FAQ from users.