Les Avouillons, Gland

Gland hosts more than 17 companies, with more than 50 employees, located on the south of Gland train station. The “Les Avouillons” sector (between Avenue du Mont-Blanc and Route des Avouillons) alone hosts more than 1,700 employees and 7 companies with more than 50 employees. It is located at a 10-minute walk from Gland train station and is easily accessible by bike from other areas of the town. Find out all the information related to mobility in Les Avouillons on the specific page.


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Mobility Representative Committee

Région de Nyon is in contact with the companies, each of which designates an active representative within the site mobility group. A meeting of the Mobility Representative Committee, led by Région de Nyon, takes place twice a year to deal with aspects related to the site’s mobility. Guichet Mobile contacts representatives by e-mail regularly to share all news regarding mobility.

On-site events

Région de Nyon organizes mobility challenges via the Guichet Mobile service. It also proposes offers to promote the use of public transport and soft mobility.