February 2023

Park-and-raid (P+R) facilities provide parking spaces for cars and motorbikes near public transport stops. They make it possible to reduce the number of vehicles in transit by offering an attractive modal transfer to the train or bus on the first leg of the journey. Région de Nyon, in close collaboration with the Canton of Vaud, has developed a regional concept for P+R and carpooling parking,

P+Rail is an SBB service that allows you to leave your car in certain SBB train stations. A quick and relaxed way to travel to your destination by car and train. Prices are available hourly or full-day parking. It is also possible to opt for a monthly or annual subscription. In the Nyon District, you can find a P+Rail at Mies, Tannay, Coppet, Nyon, Gland and Rolle stations. More info